Be All You Can Be

Last night I attended the 29 Days Later Film Festival, held at The Patterson Theater in Baltimore.  It’s similar to the 48 hour film projects around the country, but the extra time makes production less frantic.  As is normally the case in these projects, some shorts were good and others were really bad.  The short that won was really good.  I don’t mind the bad ones, one because heckling can be fun (I know I know, bad form.  Sorry!), and two, as long as the filmmaker is really trying to do the best they can.  However……

I wanted to write about something I overheard that aggravated me.    One of the filmmakers said they’d “actually have to get a crew next time” when entering for the competition.  I took that to mean they could’ve done better and purposely chose not to.  To that I say- why did you even bother?!? You’re entering a COMPETITION!  How can you not do your best when your work and name are on display to everyone else in town?  By entering in a competition, I thought it meant you really wanted to take this seriously and possibly have your short lead to something better!

I’m not saying to sign on with a union crew and get 3 RED cameras for your short, but come on, get lights and someone to help with your sound!  I’m also not saying to not play around and make a film just to make it.  By all means go ahead because that’ll help you develop your skill.  Just don’t enter it in a competition, which should be all about pushing the envelope and forcing everyone else to get better.

Hopefully they’ll get their act together and not sandbag it next time.


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