Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

We finally got power back after hurricane Irene last weekend and are back at work on the DVD.  This is taking longer than expected because we’re basically cramming 10 pounds of you-know-what in a 5 pound bag.  All of the special features, plus the high fallutin’ menus for each feature are taking up every bit of space on the DVD.

We’re also kicking around ideas on how to sweeten the deal for people who have been waiting so patiently for the movie.  We may make the first 100 DVDs ourselves and have director Dan Poole autograph them.  We can also throw in some freebies that we originally purchased to give to people at conventions.  Do you guys have any other requests?

Oh, one last thing.  From now on all tweets, blogs, and updates in general will come with a signature at the end so you know for sure who’s writing them.  “DP”  will be Dan Poole and “DA” is Doug Adams, the producer of film.


Nobody’s Perfect

So far on the blog we’ve had behind the scenes stories and behind the scenes video.  You might be wondering where are the behind the scenes photos?  There’s a good reason for that – we screwed up.

Since the budget was very tight we decided to only spend money on what was absolutely essential to shoot the movie.  Taking stills and marketing was the last thing on our minds so we never gave a second thought to hiring a dedicated photographer.  We had a couple people take some stills, but this was always on their break between doing several other tasks and it showed up in the quality.  All the stills were dark and unusable.

Obviously this is one area where we wish we had a mulligan, even if we only had a photographer come in for a couple days to shoot the coolest stuff.  So to the aspiring filmmakers out there remember- hire a photographer to take stills to make marketing easier.