Balancing Life And The Dream

While I want to be “all systems go” all the time promoting TPE, sometimes life gets in the way.  Money is getting a bit tight so the regular job search has begun, and it looks like I found something.  It’s working for the company I used to, but in a different position and location (praise the lord!)  Location was the main reason I left the job in the first place, so a short commute will be a relief.  The downside is I’m going to be working my ass off 6 days per week, and the 7th might be occupied with an acting gig.  If TPE news sputters for awhile this will be the reason, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date.

I know the filmmakers out there are nodding their heads, because almost all of them have to put their projects on pause while trying to scrape together a living.  It makes me wonder what kind of day job is better?  My regular job has nothing to do with movies or acting, other than providing the pathway for people to stream movies.  In a way it’s positive because when I can finally break away and do movie related stuff, my motivation is sky high.  The downside is having to shake the rust off- getting used to acting, writing, or whatever the specialty may be.

Then there’s working in the same field, but for someone else.  This is obviously good for keeping your skills sharp for when you can get back to your project.  I imagine though a downside could be when you finally get that time, are you motivated to give it your all?  I remember being a mechanic, and no phrase was truer than “the last thing a mechanic wants to do is work on their own car.”  Could this be true or am I just spitballing here?

Oh, on the movie front-

Instead of getting movie postcards printed for the Baltimore Comic Con, I bought a quarter page ad in their program. The ad is very simple, with “Baltimore’s First Superhero” as a heading, then the movie title, and beneath that our webpage and twitter account @Thephotoneffect.  It’s not as fancy as our previous postcards, but since it’s in the program that people normally keep I hope we get some more followers on social media.  Fingers crossed!